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COVID-19 Update

Clients, Consultants, and Business Colleagues:

Clients, Consultants, and Business Colleagues:

As the States in which we have offices loosen their COVID-related restrictions, I wanted to update you on our business operations. Effective June 8, 2020, WaCap will allow employees to work from the office. We have placed restrictions on the number of employees permitted in any given office-based State guidelines, each office’s floor plan and available space.

Our employees are encouraged to choose the work environment that makes them most comfortable. To create a productive work environment for employees who continue to work from home, we have provided all employees with access to monitors, printers and any other required hardware or software. Regardless of where employees work, we are confident that our Business Continuity Plan allows them to be productive and remain connected with each other and our technology infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. You can find team member contact information at Alternatively, messages left in the general voicemail at 206-382-0825 will be routed to the appropriate person as will emails to

We wish the best to you and your families during this time.


Cory Carlson
President and CEO