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When Washington Capital was originally founded, our primary product was investing in stock strategies for client portfolios. Today, our real estate strategy assets have grown to represent a large portion of the firm’s assets under management. However, we remain committed to our stock products.

Our Mid Cap Growth Equity strategy is the principal stock product offered by the firm. This product is available through a commingled fund vehicle for qualified investors or as a separate account portfolio.

Because we invest only in equities traded on U.S. exchanges, our products are not diversified over multiple asset classes; securities are not guaranteed, and you could lose money on your investments. We work with our clients to understand their tolerance for risk.

WaCap’s Mid Cap Growth Equity investment strategy combines top-down sector and industry analysis with rigorous and independent bottom-up security analysis. Our top-down process identifies sectors that we expect to outperform the broader market based on global trends, sector-specific risk/reward parameters and macro-economic conditions. We look to add securities in sectors expected to outperform and reduced exposure to sectors expected to underperform. Utilizing securities found based on our sector research, our bottom-up security research is focused on assessing portfolio candidates based on three specific attributes: financial position, strategic business prospects and the quality of the management team. Securities that rate well based on these attributes are then valued relative to their growth potential and are purchased if we believe current market valuation presents an adequate amount of upside to our valuation estimate.

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Mid Cap Growth

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