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Operations Team

Rachel Maclean

Sr. Investment Accountant

Robert M. Kovecs, CPA

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

Alicia Martens

Director of Hospitality

Bernadette Martinez

Associate, Senior Operations Accountant

Bill Brosius

SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Cindee Walsh

Associate, Paralegal

Gordana Katic

Associate, Accounting

Kathy Coblentz

AVP, Client Reporting and Servicing

Katrin Aquino

Associate, Real Estate, Servicing

Kirk Force, CFA

AVP, Data Management and Analytics

Lucienne Brown

Associate, Operations

Nancy Maxwell

AVP, Draw Administrator

Natalia Guboglo

Associate, Investment Accountant

Russell J. Smith, CPA

Real Estate Advisor and Vice President

Steven Connelly

Associate, Senior Investment Accountant

Tracey Voll

SVP, Chief Compliance Officer

Wallace Chu

Administrator, IT Systems

Getting Started

We welcome inquiries from prospective investors in Washington Capital’s investment strategies and from prospective real estate partners.